Warmth Where You Want It

Before the radfan is installed the heat is trapped at the ceiling

Most of the heat leaving your radiator gets trapped at the ceiling or is lost through your window leaving you feeling cold.

after radfan is install the room is warmer

Radfan's unique and innovative design redirects this warm air and puts it where you want it. Making you warmer and more comfortable for less.

Radiators as they should be

Low power fans get the heat moving

Fans redirect warm air out into the room stopping it collecting at the ceiling
Fans redirect warm air out into the room stopping it collecting at the ceiling

The Radfan Effect

Feel warmer

Warmth where you want it

The Radfan helps surround you in warmth and makes sure the heat from your radiator is getting to where you want it the most.

Automatically increase warmth

Fit and forget

The Radfan is fully automatic. It uses a thermostatic switch to only run when your radiator is hot, no need to turn it on and off manually.

Cheap way to increase warmth and comfort

Less than £2 a year to Run

By using industry leading low power, quiet fans the Radfan consumes less than £2 of electricity a year to run - a fan heater cost over £200 per year.

Can reduce energy or heating bills

Extra control

The Radfan helps make better use of the heat in your room, you'll feel warmer and reduce your energy usage.

Award Winning Performance

Recognised by the best

Winner of the 2013 International IKEA EarthHACK competition

Independently verified

The Salford University Energy House

Featured where it matters

Radfan featured in BBC, Telegraph, The Guardian, Treehugger, DECC

Introducing Your Radfan

Designed to compliment your home and look like part of your radiators

Radfan vs Electric Fan Heaters

£2 per year for a Radfan, £2 per day for a fan heater

The upfront cost might be low but electric fan heaters can cost a small fortune over the course of a winter. In just one winter the electric fan heater can cost over £150 more than a Radfan.

radfan vs fan heater cost