Radiators are REALLY

badly named

Ever wonder why your feet are cold?

Most of the heat leaving your radiator is convected and so gets trapped at the ceiling or is lost through your window leaving you feeling cold.

Radfan's unique designs increase the warm air flow and puts the warmth where you want it most. Making you warmer for less.

Before the radfan is installed the heat is trapped at the ceiling

Radiators as they should be

Low power fans get the heat moving

Fans redirect warm air out into the room stopping it collecting at the ceiling
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The Radfan family


  • 2 fans
  • £2/year running cost
  • 1.5 W power
  • 50cm long
  • Smaller living rooms, home office

Classic Long

  • 4 fans
  • £4/year running cost
  • 3 W power
  • 95cm long
  • Living rooms, hallway

Classic MAX

  • 6 fans
  • £6/year running cost
  • 4.5 W power
  • 95cm long
  • Large living rooms, kitchen diners

The Radfan effect

Feel warmer

Warmth where you want it

The Radfan helps surround you in warmth and makes sure the heat from your radiator is getting to where you want it the most.

Automatically increase warmth

Fit and forget

The Radfan is fully automatic. It uses a thermostatic switch to only run when your radiator is hot, no need to turn it on and off manually.

Cheap way to increase warmth and comfort

Less than £2 a year to Run

By using industry leading low power, quiet fans the Radfan consumes less than £2 of electricity a year to run.

Can reduce energy or heating bills

Extra control

The Radfan helps make better use of the heat in your room, you'll feel warmer and reduce your energy usage.

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Independently verified

The Radfan is the only independently verified radiator fan proven to make you warmer and save money.

Performance guaranteed

With forward facing fans, magnetic fixings and the best performance on the market you're going to love your Radfan. Every Radfan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and an 18 month manufacturer warranty, we want you to be as happy with the Radfan as we are.

Self installation

No plumber or electrican needed. The Radfan has been designed to be self installed, it's easier to install than a desk lamp and no professional is required. Simply plug it in, turn it on and the Radfan takes care of itself. With an annual running cost of £2 and smart automatic operation its footprint couldn't be smaller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q   What size is the Radfan?

A   The Radfan Classic is 51 cm long, 8 cm high above the radiator and 7.5 cm deep.

Q   What size radiator will the Radfan work with?

A   The Radfan has been tested and shown to be effective on radiators up to 1.5 metres / 4ft 11 inches long, single panel and double panel.

Q   How is the Radfan powered?

A   The Radfan plugs into the mains and uses 3W of power, this equates to around £2 per year running cost.

Q   How long is the power lead?

A   The power lead is 3 metres long and is in 2 halves. The 1.5 metres connected to the Radfan is heat protected to live happily behind your radiator.

Q   How noisy is the Radfan?

A   The Radfan is a lot quieter than an electric fan heater and if you have the TV or Radio on then you can't hear it.

Q   How many Radfans do I need?

A   The Radfan is designed to be fitted in the main living space so really just one or two would would do the trick.

Q   Won't the heat effect the Radfan?

A   We made the Radfan out of the same ABS plastic that radiator control valves are made from and so it is more than happy at the temperature of a radiator.

Q   What types of radiator will the Radfan fit on?

A   The Radfan will fit on all standard panel central heating radiators and will self support on double and single panel radiators.

Q   Will the Radfan work on electric heaters/radiators?

A   Sadly not, we're sorry to say that with the huge range of electric radiators and their range of temperatures it wasn't possible to design the Radfan to accommodate these.

Q   Will it work inside a radiator cabinet?

A   Some of our customers use their Radfan in a radiator cabinet and report great results. So long as there is more than 8cm from the top of the radiator and the roof of the cabinet it will all fit fine.

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