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Feel warmer more quickly and save up to £300 in energy costs per year.


Assembled in the UK, with over 80,000 units sold since its introduction in 2013, Radfan is the leading radiator mounted product designed to improve the flow of convected heat from standard UK domestic radiators into and around rooms more effectively.


Its magnetic mounting system enables the product to be easily installed by customers (30 second set-up) and it fits both single and double panel radiators, with or without grills fitted, which currently make up the majority of radiators used in UK homes.

With current energy cost rises, independent tests show correct Radfan usage can save the average household up to £300 year year.

Radfan Extra Medium

The Extra Medium is a distinct model, designed for both summer and winter use.


All the benefits of the Classic Medium for winter use plus the additional feature of air circulation during warm summer days and nights when the air is still and sticky.

Please see the Radfan Extra Medium page for more details and specifications.

GBP 89.95 (SRP)

Radfan Classic Small #3.jpg

Radfan Classic Small

The Classic Small contains 2 fans and is designed to sit on top of a short radiator.


Please see the Radfan Classic Small page for more details and specifications.

GBP 49.95 (SRP)

Radfan Classic Medium

The Classic Medium, incorporating 4 fans, is designed for longer radiators and also sits on top.


Please see the Radfan Classic Medium page for more details and specifications.

GBP 84.95 (SRP)

Radfan Classic Medium #3.jpg

Radfan Extra Boost

Coming soon - January 2023

Radfan Extra Boost

If you are interested in buying please see our purchase page on this website.

Radiator Fitment Information

Please note that Radfans must not be placed on any heating device other than a water-filled steel-panel radiator. Radfans are not recommended for use with electric radiators/storage heaters or other types of radiator due to higher surface temperatures and varying designs, making a secure fit and safe operation impossible to guarantee.

The magnetic attachment system allows fitting to the top of a wide range of steel panel radiators.

*Although the Radfan product does function on all types of water filled steel panel radiators (doesn’t fit on single panel versions if they do not have convection fins) the overall performance will not feel the same for single panel radiator with fins as double radiators (with or without fins).

The performance is also dependent on other factors in each individual application, such as the hot water temperature setting on the boiler, and flow rates around the radiators.*

rad fan single fin.jpg

Radfan does not fit single panel radiators which do not have fins (convectors)

Single Panel Single Convector.jpg

Single panel, single convector

Double Panel Single Convector.jpg

Double panel, single convector

Double Panel Double Convector.jpg

Double panel, double convector

Works with and without Grill Top.jpg

Works with and without grill top

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