Radfan featured on Tree Hugger!

While the Radfan is mainly a product designed to help you feel warmer and more comfortable, there are substantial energy saving opportunities that are worth remembering.

Tree Hugger (the number one eco website in the world!) has recognised that the Radfan solves the world wide problem of warm air collecting at the ceiling and have included us on their "9 ways to green your home for winter" article. 

They've even included a passage from our "Preparing your home for winter" article about sealing up draughts as a great, inexpensive way to reduce your energy consumption.

For those of you not familiar with Tree Hugger, it's a great resource for energy saving tips, eco news and general life advice - it's quite Canada and North America focussed but it's still worth a read if you're interested in that sort of thing.

  Simon Barker

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The Radfan is the UK's most popular radiator fan and with over 4 stars on Amazon is the most effective way to feel warmer at home.

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