Staying Out for the Winter

As this winter drags on we thought it was time to start finding out a bit more about how us Brits are handling the cold weather and those ever increasing fuel bills. So, in true Radfan fashion, we tackled the issue head on and asked over 2,000 people across the UK exactly how they are dealing with keeping warm and what measures we are taking as a nation to make it through to spring. The results make for a somewhat shocking read and, as this post's title suggests, people are going to extraordinary measures to keep warm.

Too cold to stay at home

The most striking finding is that millions of us are being driven out of our homes by rising energy prices. Our study found that one in ten admit that to cut down on energy bills they are staying longer in a public places such as cafes, pubs and libraries to avoid going home and putting the heating on.

We're even starting to be a bit cheeky about this and deliberately heading over to friends and family who's homes are warmer than ours and enjoying a warm radiator alongside a tea and biscuit. While you risk getting rumbled and labeled a cheapskate this is better than sitting at home feeling cold which is what around 20% of us are doing.

Cutting back

So far it's not been an awfully cold winter, however 70% of us are cutting back on using the heating compared to last winter, thanks to increased energy costs. To combat this we found that people are cuddling up together, hugging pets and even going to bed earlier that they otherwise would!

We found that around half of us have made improvements to our homes in the last 2 years to try and make them more energy efficient and warmer, yet large numbers are still forced to use secondary heating such as fan and gas heaters.

Expensive Secondary Heating

30% of the country are using secondary heating, such as fan heaters or oil filled electric radiators, on a regular basis. We are using these heaters an average of 2.5 hours per day, over the course of a winter this equates to around £60 per heater - and most of us have two! This means that as a country we are spending over £500 million a year on secondary heating, a truly staggering amount.

So, is there a way of staying warm for the rest of the winter without paying through the roof or having to resort to leaving the house?

The tried and tested methods are as valid as they have always been, blocking up drafts and adding insulation is the number one thing you can do reduce energy bills and be warmer at home. If you really do need to use a fan heater then do bear in mind that this can cost as much as £1 to £2 per day, the Radfan is a significantly cheaper option coming with a running cost of just £2 per year with daily winter use and can be just as effective.

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  Simon Barker

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