RadWeather - September 2014 forecast

We’d like to introduce the Radfan Monthly Weather Forecast! Each month we’ll be bringing you the latest weather updates for the UK and making sure getting ready for the month ahead is easy breezy!


1st - 7th September

The beginning of the week has eased us toward Autumn gently, with dry days and bright spells of sunshine welcoming us into September.


With lows of 11°C / 52°F and maximum temperatures of 22°C / 72°F  the later part of the week will see cloudier conditions and rainy spells, with starts to the day bringing low cloud, mist and fog. But don’t let this dampen your spirits, it is the weekend after all!


8th - 17th September

Whilst there’ll be a chance of occasional clouds and a few rainy spells, mid September will be mostly fine and dry. Daytime temperatures will be warm and nights will be on the chilly side to begin with, but will be milder later on the month.


Creeping clouds join us slowly throughout the month and things start to turn more autumnal. So although we’re hoping the nice weather will stick around for a while longer we’d recommend popping a brolly in your bag in case a few sneaky showers try to catch you when you’re out and about.


18th - 30th September

During late September we can expect unsettled conditions, with periods of fine weather and sunny spells mixed with showers and longer spells of rain. As daytime temperatures remain warm our evenings will be on the chilly side, so it might be time to pull on those fluffy winter socks and switch on your Radfan to keep you cosy as autumn officially rolls in on the 23rd of September.

  Jade Brown

  lifestyle, weather

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