RadWeather - October 2014 forecast

It’s a cheerful start to the autumn season, with spells of sunshine and clear skies…but beware! Wicked winds and frightening fog could be making their way to us. Check out October’s weather forecast and find out if we’re in for a trick or treat with this month’s weather…


1st - 7th October

With unseasonably warm temperatures taking us into autumn, the first days of October will be warm and bright. However, with lows of 9°C/48°F and highs of 22°C/71°F the weather will be unsettled. Those in the North and Northwest of the country should expect a rather gloomy end to the week with cloudy spells, bustling breezes and scattered showers. Southern and Eastern areas can expect little change to their conditions, with the warm, dry weather sticking around a while longer.


8th - 17th October

Nighttime temperatures will turn cooler in mid-October, with patches of mist and fog creeping into the early mornings across the country. Amongst occasional showers the weather should stay fine and dry, with temperatures staying above average for this time of year. Some parts of the UK could experience more unsettled outbreaks of rain and strong winds, although the temperature shouldn’t drop too much.


18th - 31st October

As the spookiest season is upon us we can expect the wet and windy weather to make an appearance, with a risk of overnight fog and frost creeping around Northern parts of the UK - just in time for Halloween! Whilst we may not be happy that the dark nights are here to stay, its the perfect time to have some frighteningly good fun and spend the chilly October nights carving out pumpkins and making tasty treats. 


Don’t be scared, it’s not all doom and gloom. Daytime temperatures should remain average for this time of year, leaving lots of time for long, leafy walks during the day before curling up and getting cosy at night!


  Jade Brown

  lifestyle, weather

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