RadWeather - December 2014 forecast

’Tis the season to be jolly, tralalalalalalalala… It’s true what they say, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year,  so make your plans a little easier by knowing what to expect when it comes to the weather - you don’t want to be caught out by Jack Frost after all. 


1st - 7th December

The festive season has arrived, but has the winter weather? At the beginning of December we can expect seasonal showers and wintery winds through the day, with patches of frost and fog overnight that will creep into the early mornings. Despite the sleet and snow staying away, temperatures will be on the chillier side, reaching below average in some parts. Northwestern parts of the UK can expect the most unsettled weather, but don’t let this ruin the most wonderful time of the year.


8th - 20th December

By mid December you should be in full swing of the festive season, but unfortunately, the weather won’t be so jolly.  Weather will be unsettled and windy in western parts of the country, whilst those in the north can expect heavy winds and rain. Southern and eastern areas will have more settled weather, with clearer, drier days. Temperatures during the middle of the month will become stable, reaching averages for this time of year, but overnight frost and fog will continue into the month, so make sure you’re up early to defrost the car and don’t forget to put on those extra layers! Whilst most of the country shouldn’t be effected, there’s a chance of some snow on higher ground in Northern parts of the country.


21st - 31st December

This week officially welcomes us into Winter and whilst we might be dreaming of a white Christmas, we shouldn’t expect to see a great deal of snow. Conditions between the north and south will be split, with northern and western parts of the UK skill likely to experience unsettled weather and windy conditions, while southern and eastern areas will see dry weather and settle conditions. Temperatures will be average for this time of year and we could see more overnight frosts and fog. Again, the north may experience snow on higher grounds - time to dig out the sledge and dust of your snowman building skills. Although temperatures will be seasonally chilly during the night, come midnight on December 31st we’ll be bringing the New Year in with a bang.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Radfan!



  Jade Brown

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