RadWeather - January 2015 forecast

As we say farewell to 2014 and welcome in the New Year, what should we expect from January when it comes to the weather? (Just a little warning, you're still going to need wrap up warm - we're in for a chilly month!)

January 1st - 7th

Whilst the most Northern parts of the country will experience snow, the rest of us should manage to escape it. Wet and windy conditions will bombard us in early January and we’ll experience icy mornings, frosty nights and chilly temperatures during the day, up and down the UK.

January 8th - 20th

Winter is in full force as heavy winter showers and gale force winds continue into mid- January, across the country. Snow will continue to fall on higher ground, whilst frosty, icy conditions will be widespread, despite bright sunshine. Temperatures will continue to drop and by the 16th January, will fall below 0°C, bringing overnight frosts with patches of fog and ice. Rain, sleet and snow are all possible in the southeast and west of the country as we make our way into late January.

January 21st - 31st

As sleet and snow gradually creep inland from the west, the southwest will experience heavy rain. Over in the east, the weather is expected to stay brighter and drier, however gale force winds and overnight frost could linger. Although temperatures will remain cold, winter showers will ease, leaving northern and western parts of the country drier. For those in the south and central parts of the UK, snow could be well on its way before the end of the month. By late January/ early February the weather will be unsettled and temperatures will rise, returning to near- average for this time of year.

  Jade Brown

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