RadWeather - February 2015 forecast

As winter seems to be sticking round a little while longer this February, make sure you're in the know when it comes to what the weather has in store. 


February 1st - 12th

As we welcome February we're set to see experience more wicked winter weather, with the first few days of the month remaining cold. Temperatures will be on the chilly side, with northerly winds brining sleet, snow and hail across the country. Widespread frost and ice will creep in overnight, especially near coastal areas, giving us a freezing start to our mornings. 

In the latter part of early February the chill should begin to ease gradually. Southern parts of the country will be drier and bright, while most of us could experience spells of rain. Although the temperature is set to rise slightly, there will still be a risk of frosty conditions, with spells of now and ice.


February 13th - 28th

By mid February temperatures will be normal for this time of year, although we can expect unsettled conditions across the country. Those in the south and west of the country will experience rainy spells and winds. Later in the month we could see drier conditions and settled temperatures as we get closer to spring.

  Jade Brown

  lifestyle, weather

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