Radfan does BBC Radio 2

If you'd asked me on Monday morning where I thought my week would end I certainly wouldn't have said "In BBC Radio 2's studio being interviewed by Rebecca Pike on Simon Mayo's DriveTime show", but that's exactly where it did end. 

I emailled into the show a few days after our launch to tell Rebacca about the Radfan to see if she would like to feature us on the Friday innovation slot. I thought that there would be a several month lead time on such a prestigious slot but given the recent bout of cold weather we've had I think she saw the Radfan as an ideal product to feature sooner rather than later. 

So, after a quick chat on the phone on Thursday morning, it was decided that we would head down the following day (Newcastle to London) to do a 3 minute interview on a show that has achieved ratings as high as 5 million listeners. No pressure then!

I'm not really sure what I expected if I'm honest, I sort of thought it might have an air of organised chaos but there's no benchmark in day to day life of what behind the scenes at a radio show will be like. Turns out it is all quite relaxed and fun.

We arrived at 6pm and Rebecca came down to meet us, we then chatted for 10 minutes or so about the Radfan, she asked us a few questions, made us a cup of tea and generally chuckled about how much Roland looks like Chris Evans. This similarity is uncanny and is mentioned a lot, given we were in the heart of Radio 2 it's not surprising that it became quite a talking point and I think it was freaking Rebecca out a little bit!

Roland and Simon at BBC Radio 2

After a quick photo of us and the Radfan taken for the Radio 2 Facebook page we were ushered into the studio. I sort of expected to go in to some kind of booth but we actually went in to the main studio where Simon Mayo introduced himself, shook hands and then we took our seats. As the song ended and after a little bit of Rugby based banter between Simon and Rebecca it was time for us. Listen to the clip below to see how it went:

Needless to say, it went by very quickly and after a few questions the producer was signalling for the segment to end as we had taken up nearly 4 minutes of prime time radio. I thought we would be pulled out of the door at that point but instead Simon Mayo went straight into a phone conversation with Miranda about her Red Nose Day challenges. Sitting listening to Radio 2 whilst in Radio 2 is exceptionally odd and very surreal.

As the next record was played and we were off air we had another brief chat with Simon and then Rebecca showed us out. At this point our Radio 2 experience was sure to be over but on the way out Rebecca asked Steve Wright (as in Steve Wright In The Afternoon) what he thought about Roland's likeness to Chris Evans. 

We chatted around that for a few minutes and then Steve asked us what the Radfan was, like every entrepreneur worth his salt I quickly unboxed the unit we had with us and gave him the 30 second elevator pitch that I must have rattled off a few thousand times over the past two years. Traffic lady Bobby Pryor was also there to hear the Radfan pitch and both liked the design and look of it.

We resisted the temptation to hand over our business cards and at this point made our way to the elevator and we were back out in to the rainy London evening.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable, slightly nerve wracking experience and everyone we met and spoke to were genuinely nice, friendly and made the time to make us feel welcome, which is not something you would expect in the busy environment of live radio.

Thank you Radio 2 and Rebecca, and everyone we met on our brief visit, we had a great time.

Photo credit: BBC Radio 2

  Simon Barker

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