Hidden tips for a thorough spring clean

Winter has finished late this year in the UK and we’ve all been focused on digging ourselves out of snow drifts and trying to keep warm at home rather than the annual April spring clean. Well, today in Newcastle I am happy to report we stayed in the double figures for temperature all day long (not something to be sneezed at, I’ll have you know) and I figure it’s time to get on with the spring cleaning jobs that will get the house feeling fresh, clean and spring like.

Spring clean tips

As the office clean freak I thought I’d share my top tips for this years spring clean. I’m not going to reel off a list of all the places you could clean, we would be here all day and it would be a very boring list. Instead, I’m going to point out 5 things you might have missed or not thought of.

Spring Cleaning tip 1: Tops of lamp shades

Take a look in the tops of those lamp shades, go on, be brave. Chances are there could be anywhere from 6 months to several years worth of dust up there. Even if you did them recently it’s amazing how they can layer up in dust again, the main reason for this is that light bulbs and lamp shades get warm and so attract and hold on to dust much better than other surfaces. Also, not a lot of movement happens up there, at least the coffee table gets used and so inadvertently dusted on a regular basis, the tops of your lamp shades? Not so much.

The main benefit of this is when the lights are on, you can feel a noticeable improvement of light levels, making the house feel just that bit fresher.

Spring Cleaning tip 2: Skirting boards

Skirting boards are dust magnets, a quick once over with a cloth or, if you don’t fancy getting down on your hands and knees, the brush end of a hoover, can really lift a room. As the dust on skirting boards builds up so slowly it’s something that goes unnoticed over winter but once you start to clean them you’ll wonder how you didn’t notice it before.

Spring Cleaning tip 3: Cleaning radiators

Our favourite love hate relationship here at Radfan is of course with our radiators. Down the backs of radiators is a great place for dust, along with a lot of other stuff, to build up. Sadly, this also reduces the effectiveness of your radiators and means that less heat is getting into your room.

The best way to get back there and clear out the dust? Well there’s 2 options: 1. The fancy Lakeland radiator brush were else would you expect to find such a product I ask? 2. A bent metal coat hanger with an old sock or a couple of torn up rags taped to the tip. Just be careful on this one to cover the sharp tip of the coat hanger so it doesn’t scratch the radiator, a big ball of blue tack should be good enough.

Doing this will help your radiator do it’s job better, it will help your Radfan out and stop the radiator being a source of any unpleasant smells that came in with the dust! Triple win!

Spring Cleaning tip 4: De-clutter

A great, and oft overlooked way to give your house a makeover is to de-clutter. I’m not suggesting living like a monk but having lots of trinkets spread all over the place can make cleaning a real pain and also, because trinkets collect dust which can be hard to clear out, stop you feeling like you really cleaned everything thoroughly.

Start small on this one, maybe look at a bookcase or side board that is clearly running out of space and ask if each item really means enough to you to be removed, cleaned around, cleaned itself and then replaced. If the answer is yes, then it stays but if your umming and arring about it then maybe it’s time to say good by to the “Disney Land Florida, 1989” mug that has adorned the office bookcase for more than 2 decades.

Remember though, anything you throw out simply because you don’t wear it or use it any more can still be of great use to someone else, so think about dropping it of at your local charity shop or even eBay if it has some value left.

Spring Cleaning tip 5: Under sofas

Sofas can hide an incredible about of dust, bits and (yuck) hair! As we walk around we dislodge what’s on the carpet until it gets safely to the the area I like to call “just under the sofa”. Quickly pulling it out and giving it a once over with the hoover takes only a couple of minutes.

Also, while you’re there, run the hoover down the back of the sofa, wall and skirting board to remove any cobwebs you don’t want to keep over the summer. Don’t worry, there’s a good chance they will be back in the future.

What are your favourite spring cleaning tips? Email them in through our contact page, we would love to hear them!

  Simon Barker

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