What causes mould and how to get rid of it

Damp patches in a home are not only unsightly and smelly but can also cause health problems. Damp left to turn into mould produces allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances, that cause problems when inhaled or touched. Therefore it is essential that dampness is prevented and removed if it does occur. But what exactly is it?

Damp is a localized excess of the naturally occurring moisture that is always present in air as water vapour. An excess can occur when there is a sudden increase in the amount of moisture in the room, or may build up slowly over time if fresh air isn’t allowed to enter. When air cools down, it has a lower capacity for holding moisture so deposits water droplets in the form of condensation on cold surfaces such as walls and windows. If left alone, over time this will turn into mould.

How to Prevent Damp Patches

Damp can be prevented by keeping your home well ventilated to allow moist air to escape. Open windows regularly and keep a small gap between furniture and the wall to allow air to circulate. It may also help to keep your house at a constant temperature if possible as cold air causes warm air to release moisture, causing condensation and damp patches to form.

How to Remove Mould

Mould can be removed from walls using an old rag and soapy water. Be careful to wipe the mould and not brush it as brushing it will release the spores and may cause an allergic reaction. If the patch is particularly large, it is best to have a professional remove it for you.


  Clare Fearon

  damp, house and home, mould, windows

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