How do Radfans Work?

Years ago, Roland, the founder of Radfan, had grown tired of listening to his wife complain about how cold she was at home even when the heating was on, and so he decide to do something about it. After tinkering with some computer fans and a piece of cardboard, the first Radfan was born and Roland’s wife was very pleased.

Without the Radfan, Roland and his wife were shivering even when their radiators were on full blast because their radiators, like most radiators in the UK, were not doing their job properly. Radiators actually radiate only 20% of their heat. Half of this goes to the back of the radiator where it is absorbed by the wall and the rest is radiated into the room. The remaining 80% is convected up towards the ceiling. A lot of this is lost to the window or becomes trapped at the ceiling. Ideally, radiators would set up a convection current where the warm air rises and circulates around the room. Unfortunately, this path is often blocked by furniture, so the warm air cannot easily transfer its energy to cooler patches of air.

The Radfan is an extremely effective solution to this problem. Radfans work by actively redirecting the warm air from the radiator into the heart of the room with the help of low power fans. They have come a long way since Roland’s first model. They now feature a sleek curved design to assist the airflow and are made from durable, heat resistant materials. The Radfan comes in three different versions to help radiators in rooms of all sizes establish their natural convection current and disperse warm air around the room.

Lab tests carried out in the University of Salford’s Energy House, found that the temperature of a room with a Radfan active was 2oC warmer at sofa height than the same room without a Radfan. Field trials with housing associations found similar results, with 86% of the 99 tenants agreeing, they felt an increase in thermal comfort when using the Radfan. And most importantly, our customers also agree with over 350 five star reviews on Amazon, it’s fair to say the Radfan can greatly improve the comfort of your home.

Since the initial model that Roland created in 2010, the Radfan has been carefully redesigned to attach neatly to a radiator and redirect warmth where you want it. It has been proven to be the best product available to increase the warmth gained from a central heating radiator. And best of all, Roland’s wife hasn’t felt cold at home since.

  Clare Fearon

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