How to set your boiler for maximum efficiency and a warmer home

Over the past few winters, we have had several queries from customers asking us how to get the most of their radiators and what is the most efficient way to run their central heating system. To give the best possible answer, we went directly to the experts to get the facts straight. 

Both British Gas and the Energy Savings Trust agree that, in winter, boilers are most efficient when set to their maximum temperature, around 80oC. At this setting, your radiators will get hotter quicker so your home will feel warmer sooner. This will result in your thermostat turning the heating off after a shorter period of time than it would if the boiler was operating at a lower temperature. Not only will you feel warmer quicker but you will also waste less heat and money.

Placing a Radfan on your radiator may further shorten the amount of time you need the heating on for, as it disperses heat from the radiator more quickly and increases the room temperature at sofa height.

  Clare Fearon

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