Introducing: Watt? Home Energy Explained eBook

We have been receiving emails on a near daily basis since we launched the Radfan from our customers asking about ways they can save money on their energy bills, we reply to everyone with a few of our favourite suggestions and point them to some useful websites. We started to realise though that there was no "One Stop" for simple energy advice.

So, in our typical manner we set out to create that one stop resource and the result, we are proud to announce is our new eBook called "Watt? Home Energy Explained". Our aim with this book is to lay out some simple and effective suggestions that can both improve your comfort and reduce your energy bills. They range from the simple, such as draught excluders, to the more involved such as loft insulation.

If you're looking for a low fuss way to feel warmer and save energy then join our mailing list and we'll send you your free copy of this great resource - you can unsubscribe form the mailing list at any time and keep the book!

  Simon Barker

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