Why Do My Pipes Keep Banging or Knocking?

Banging water pipes can be really irritating whenever you’re running a nice hot bath or doing the washing up. While noisy pipes aren’t going to cause any major plumbing issues, they are an annoyance you shouldn’t have to live with. Here are five solutions to solve noisy pipes.

1. Using A Water Hammer Arrester

“Water Hammer” is the colloquial term for when you have knocking pipes. The knocking is caused by the flow of water passing quickly through a closed valve. A water hammer arrester allows for a cushion of air to absorb the momentum of the flowing water and quieten the pipes. The piston inside the arrester soaks up sharp changes in pressure. Usually, Water Hammer Arresters cost around £20 and can be fitted to the noisy pipes with only a wrench and some pliers.

2. Pipe Clips

Pipe clips are a very inexpensive way to quieten down your pipes. These clips fasten down any loose pipes to stop them vibrating, reducing any noise coming from them by securing your pipes in place and reducing the chance of water leaks. Although, clips only fasten down pipes and do not solve any other potential reasons for noisy pipes.

3. Boxing your pipes

Boxing your pipes is a reliable sound proofing method. Sound proofing reduces the air around the pipes and contains any vibrations. The soundwaves are contained in the box, so vibrations don’t travel across the house. Sound proofing foam can be bought in wraps or composites to block problematic areas around your pipes and quieten them down.

4. Checking your water pressure

If your noisy pipes are caused by running cold water, the problem was created by high water pressure. If the water flow rate is too high, the flowing water can knock against the pipes causing turbulent noises. The pipes then clatter against sequential pipes and the surrounding walls.

In order to check your water pressure, you need a water pressure gauge which are available on Amazon. You can attach the gauge onto the valve of a hose pipe and turn it on full. Your water pressure should be between 40-80 PSI and a plumber should be called if the pressure is too high.

5. Radicare Kits

One of the least known ways of solving knocking pipes is properly maintaining your radiators. Trapped air in your radiator pipes can cause knocking and reduce the effectiveness of your radiator. The Radfan Radicare kit contains a bleed key which takes out the trapped air in the pipes.

We have a step-by-step guide on how to bleed your radiators on our website. You can tell if your radiator is filled with trapped air as long as you hear a hissing sound when bleeding the radiator. The other components of the Radicare Kits, the brush and the radiator foil, can also maintain your radiator and warm up your room.

  Freddie Webb

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