The Radfan Slim

Radfan Slim fits to the bottom of your radiator to accelerate the warm air flow up and around your room.


RRP: £69.99 You save £7.00 (10%)

  • Perfect for: Radiators under windows or behind sofas
  • 4 fans
  • £4/year running cost
  • 2 W power
  • 93 cm / 36.6 in long

The Radfan Classic family

Radfans that live on top of your radiator redirecting heat into your room.







Radfan Workshop Products

Extra large and extra small Radfans made to order.

3-5 day delivery as we make these in smaller one off batches.





  • Perfect for: Large Living rooms, hallway
  • 142cm / 56in long
  • 6 integrated fans
  • £6/year running cost
  • 3 W power

Titan MAX


Home Packs

Multi packs of Radfans tailored to your home.

Flat Pack

    • 2 x Classic

RRP: £79.98
You save £3.98 (5%)

Bungalow Pack

    • 2 x Classic
    • 1 x Long

RRP: £149.97
You save £11.25 (8%)

House Pack

    • 2 x Classic
    • 1 x Long
    • 1 x MAX

RRP: £239.96
You save £23.99 (10%)

Castle Pack

    • 3 x Classic
    • 2 x Long
    • 2 x MAX

RRP: £439.93
You save £54.99 (12%)


You don't need to buy any of these for your Radfan to work out of the box, these are just popular extras

Spare Power Supply

  • An extra 6W Radfan power supply as a replacement or for a secondary room if you plan to move your Radfan

Single Panel Radiator Fitting Kit

  • 2 high temperature magnets if you need more space to fit the Radfan to a single panel radiator or extra strength. Not compatible with Radfan Slim.

1.5m Extension Lead

  • The Radfan extension lead is 1.5m (5ft) long and designed to fit in-line between your Radfan and power supply