The Radfan Classic family

Radfans that live on top of your radiator redirecting heat into your room - perfect for most radiators.

Classic Small


Classic Medium


Classic Large


  • Perfect for: Large living rooms, kitchen diners
  • 142cm / 56in long
  • 6 integrated fans
  • £6/year running cost
  • 3 W power

The Radfan Slim Family

Radfan Slim fits to the bottom of your radiators to accelerate the warm air flow up and around your room. Use with radiators where the Radfan Classic won't fit.

Slim Small


  • Perfect for: Smaller obstructed radiators, home office
  • 47cm / 18.5in long
  • 2 integrated fans
  • £2/year running cost
  • 1 W power

Slim Medium


Slim Large


  • Perfect for: Large obstructed radiators, kitchen diners
  • 139.5cm / 54.5in long
  • 6 integrated fans
  • £6/year running cost
  • 3 W power

Home Packs

Multi packs of Radfans tailored to your home.

Flat Pack

    • 2 x Classic Small

RRP: £79.98
You save £3.98 (5%)

Bungalow Pack

    • 2 x Classic Small
    • 1 x Classic Medium

RRP: £149.97
You save £11.25 (8%)

House Pack

    • 2 x Classic Small
    • 1 x Classic Medium
    • 1 x Classic Large

RRP: £259.96
You save £25.99 (10%)

Castle Pack

    • 3 x Classic Small
    • 2 x Classic Medium
    • 2 x Classic Large 

RRP: £439.93
You save £40.99 (9%)


You don't need to buy any of these for your Radfan to work out of the box, these are just popular extras

Spare Power Supply

  • An extra 6W Radfan power supply as a replacement or for a secondary room if you plan to move your Radfan

Single Panel Radiator Fitting Kit

  • 2 high temperature magnets if you need more space to fit the Radfan to a single panel radiator or extra strength. Not compatible with Radfan Slim.

1.5m Extension Lead

  • The Radfan extension lead is 1.5m (5ft) long and designed to fit in-line between your Radfan and power supply