Radiators are REALLY

badly named

Ever wonder why your feet are cold?

Most of the heat leaving your radiator is convected and so gets trapped at the ceiling or is lost through your window leaving you feeling cold.

Radfan's unique design and low power fans increases the warm air flow and get the warmth where you want it most. Making you warmer for less.

Before the radfan is installed the heat is trapped at the ceiling
after radfan is install the room is warmer
Ford Model T silhouette

Radiators haven't changed in nearly 100 years.

It's like we're all still driving around in Model T Fords.

Ford Model T silhouette

Radiators haven't changed in nearly 100 years.

It's the equivalent of us all still driving around in Model T Fords.

Field Trials And Lab Testing

10 housing associations, 99 homes

Testing devices in real tenants homes is vital and so we teamed up with DECC and 10 housing associations to better understand how tenants repsond to the Radfan. Each tenant lived with the Radfan for 2 months and was asked a set of questions before and after the trial.

Pre Radfan installation

noted that can't afford their energy bill
do not feel warm enough at home
use secondary heating

Post Radfan installation

felt increase in thermal comfort
reduced heating use
reduced use of secondary heating

The Radfan works best in homes that are already insulated with 2 or 3 bedrooms. One of the key takeaways from tenants is that they like the effect of feeling warm air coming from the unit.

tenants love the Radfan as they not only feel an increase in their comfort but they also see that their housing association has gone the extra mile in helping them tackle rising fuel bills. tenants can't always get their heads around ground source heat pumps or solar cells but they certainly understand a flow of warm air.

"Made a big, big difference. A hell of a difference."

- A happy Gentoo tenant

Salford University Energy House

The Energy House at Salford University is a full instrumented house built in an environmental chamber used by the likes of Saint Goban and B&Q to test energy saving product.


We installed a Radfan in the living room of the Energy House and montitored the home with and with out the Radfan running over two 48 hour periods. The house was heating to run 24 hours a day, with the water set to 82°C, thermostat set to 21°C and the curtains opened at 9 AM and closed at 4 PM.

The result of this testing are summarised below and a full report can be viewed here.


warmer at sofa height
reduction in heat lost through the window
reduction in thermal stratification

Annual energy saving

720 kWh
reduction in heating energy use
saved per year

Radiators as they should be

Low power fans get the heat moving

Fans redirect warm air out into the room stopping it collecting at the ceiling

The Radfan Effect

Feel warmer

Warmth where you want it

The Radfan helps surround you in warmth and makes sure the heat from your radiator is getting to where you want it the most.

Automatically increase warmth

Fit and forget

The Radfan is fully automatic. It uses a thermostatic switch to only run when your radiator is hot, no need to turn it on and off manually.

Cheap way to increase warmth and comfort

Less than £2 a year to Run

By using industry leading low power, quiet fans the Radfan consumes less than £2 of electricity a year to run.

Can reduce energy or heating bills

Extra control

The Radfan helps make better use of the heat in your room, you'll feel warmer and reduce your energy usage.

Price List




Consumer RRP £39.99 £69.99 £89.99
Housing introductry offer (MOQ 9 units) £28.32/unit* £49.57/unit* £63.74/unit*

* prices exVAT