Revitilise your radiators

The Radfan Radicare Kit will get your radiators back in tip-top shape.

A radiator key to bleed out the trapped air, a brush to clean off the dust and a reflector foil to reduce lost heat.

Radfan Radicare Kit - Small

Revitalise any small radiator

  • 1 x Radiator Bleed Key
  • 1 x Radiator Brush
  • 1 x Radiator Reflector Foil & adhesive tabs - 50x50cm (20x20inch)
  • Super simple DIY instructions
  • The perfect accompaniment to any small Radfan

Kit contents

Radiator Bleed Key

Get that trapped air out of your radiator to get it working at maximum efficiency again

Radiator Brush

Dust begone! Keep the air flowing smoothly around your radiator for that warm and cosy feeling

Radiator Reflector Foils

Don’t heat the street, keep the heat that you’re paying for


Radiator Brush

  1. You may want a vacuum cleaner on hand to suck up the dust once it has been brushed out.
  2. If you have a grille on your radiator you will need to remove this first (it is usually as simple as unclipping the side panels and then removing the top grille, but it may be worth checking any paperwork you have for your radiator or searching online if it’s not obvious).
  3. Simply brush between the convector fins of your radiator to remove any dust and keep the air moving freely.

Radiator Bleed Key

  1. You will need an old towel or cloth.
  2. Check each radiator to see which ones needs bleeding (or just bleed them all for good measure).
  3. The radiator that is most likely to need bleeding is the highest one in the house, (often the towel rail in the bathroom).
  4. At the top of each radiator will be a square bolt, this is where you attach the radiator key.
  5. Cover your hand and the key with the old towel or cloth to avoid the water from the system squirting out
  6. Carefully release the screw thread (water in the central heating system will be pretty dirty so you want to make sure you can soak it up as it comes out)
  7. If the radiator is full of air you will hear a hissing sound as the air is released until eventually water starts dribbling out, this is when the radiator has been fully bled.
  8. Tighten up the screw again.
  9. You may need to recharge the pressure in your central heating system. Do this at your boiler by opening the pressurizing tap on the filling loop. (This bit is a bit tricky but not impossible to do yourself. If you're in any doubt then search online or track down a friendly plumber).

Radiator Reflector Foil

  1. Measure the distance between your radiator mounting bracket
  2. Trim your Radicare Kit reflector foil to fit
  3. Attach the Radtab adhesive fixing tabs to each corner of the foil
  4. Remove the backing paper from all four Radtabs
  5. Slide the foil down the back of the radiator
  6. Flatten the foil to the wall and apply pressure to the top two tabs
  7. Do the same with the bottom two tabs ensuring the foil is as flat to the wall as possible*

*We recommend that you try to get the reflector foil as flat to the wall as possible as if the foil impedes with the convection current up the back of the radiator, the reduced convection output will cancel out any positive effect from the reflected radiated heat.