Feature highlights

Radfan Slim in lounge

Extra power

With 4 fans spanning nearly a metre in length, the Radfan Slim is a great addition to the larger rooms in your home, especially if the radiator is blocked or obstructed.

Radfan Slim on a radiator

Get the warmth out

We can't always avoid placing sofas in front of radiators. By fixing to the bottom of the radiator the Radfan Slim gets the warm air flowing around your room and not trapped in the sofa.

Child trying to get warm in front of a radiator under a window

Trap the heat in

For radiators covered by long curtains, the Radfan Slim accelerates the warm air up, past the window and out the top of the curtains before it has a chance to cool down.

Radfan Slim on radiator close up

Forget about it

The built in thermostat means the Radfan Slim runs itself and won't bother you at all. When the radiator is hot, your Radfan Slim turns itself on.

Perfect for awkward spots

Window sills

Some windows sills and shelves are too close to the radiator for the Radfan Classic, so the Radfan Slim is the perfect alternative.

Long curtains

If you have to draw curtains over your radiator the Radfan Slim will help push the warm air out the top and into the room.

Radiator cabinets

The Radfan Slim is a great way to get the trapped warmth out of your radiator cabinet.

Awkward furniture

We can't always avoid placing furniture in front of radiators but the Radfan Slim gets the warm air moving into the room.

30-second install

The Radfan has been designed from the ground up to be a simple self-install product. It secures by magnets to the bottom of your radiator and installs in less than 30 seconds - it's just like installing a reading lamp.

Step 1, we deliver the Radfan
Radfan slim in open box showing contents of box
Cartoon diagram showing Radfan Slim working on radiator
Step 4, Radfan runs itself


Slim front
Slim left side
Slim side right
Slim fans

Getting the most from Slim

Image showing that slim won't work on a radiator that is cold at the bottom
Image show that slim will work on a radiator that is hot at the bottom

Hot radiator

Make sure your radiators get hot from top to bottom so that the thermostatic switch in the Radfan Slim will turn on. We cover basic radiator maintenance in this blog post.

Image showing that slim won't work on a radiator that is cold at the bottom

Accelerated airflow

The Radfan Slim accelerates the air up through your radiator, so make sure the top is clear of obstacles.

Image show that slim will work on a radiator that is hot at the bottom

Skirting boards

Make sure you have 7 cm from the front face of the radiator to the wall/skirting board so that the Radfan Slim can fit securely in place.

Magnetic attachment

Fits to the bottom of steel panel radiators.

Cartoon diagram of Radfan Slim correctly fitted to three types of steel panel radiator

Technical details

Slim dims

Size & Weight

  • Length: 93 cm / 36.6"
  • Height (overall): 7.5 cm / 3"
  • Height (below radiator): 3.8 cm / 1.5"
  • Depth (overall): 7.6 cm / 3"
  • Depth (from front face of radiator): 7 cm / 2.75"
  • Weight: 770 g / 27.16 oz
  • Cable length: 3 m / 9' 10"


    • 2W, 12V DC
    • 4 integrated fans


    • 0°C - 88°C

    In the box

    • 1 Radfan, 1 DC power supply (UK 3 pin plug)