Super Sense Switch

Perfect for "Low Water Temperature" systems or radiators that simply don't get very hot

Please Note

This is a factory fitted upgrade, it is not possible to retrofit a Super Sense Switch on existing Radfans.

Do I need a Super Sense Switch?

Perfect for "Low Water Temperature" radiators or radiators that simply don't get very hot.

Radfan switches on/off in less than a minute even when the surface temperature of your radiator is as low as 40°C.

Designed with the Radfan Slim in mind as it is common for the bottom of radiators to be significantly cooler than the rest of the radiator.

A good fit for:

  • - radiators in conservatories
  • - radiators far from the boiler
  • - heat pump based heating systems


Find Hot Spot

Find the warmest part of your radiator. Should be at the top unless it needs bleeding.

Attach The Sensor

Attach the magnetic sensor to the warmest area on the rear of the radiator.

Connect The Sensor

Connect the sensor to the Radfan.


Attach the Radfan to the radiator letting the magnets secure it in place.